Investment firm expands its offerings

Investment firm expands its offerings

Ken Roberts launches Small/Mid Value strategy to tap smaller companies

By Kim Crompton

Ken Roberts Investment Management Inc., of Spokane, says it has expanded its offerings to include a new Small/Mid Value strategy.

“Our firm has always had a fundamentally driven value-investment philosophy in buying companies that appear to be below our estimates of attainable future value based on the long-term fundamentals of a business,” says Ken Roberts, the firm’s founder and chief investment officer, in a press release.

“Our new Small/Mid Value strategy provides a natural transition down the market cap range from our Large-Cap Value strategy,” Roberts says. “We feel that by consistently applying the invest- ment team’s long-term experience and discipline in analyzing market cycles, sectors, industries, and individual companies, we can provide a unique opportunity for our clients when buying undervalued small to mid-sized companies.“

Chartered Financial Analyst Bryan Harman, who has more than 17 years of experience analyzing small and mid-size companies, is serving as Roberts’ senior portfolio manager for the newly introduced strategy.

Harmon says in the press release he has recog- nized during his years in equity research and portfolio management that smaller companies “have less research coverage providing greater inefficiencies in the pricing of their stock.”

He says, “Our research effort focuses on finding companies typically below $5 billion in market capitalization, with strong balance sheets, that are undervalued relative to their peer group, and that exhibit strong upside potential in earnings and, thus, stock price appreciation.”

Adds Harmon, “This new strategy really gives us another way to serve our clients’ needs, and I am truly enjoying the in-depth company-by-company research effort necessary to building diversified client portfolios.”

Founded in 1994, Ken Roberts Investment Management is a boutique asset-management firm that provides active asset management nationally to high net-worth individuals, corporations, foun- dations, endowments, and public funds.

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Past performance is no indication of future results. All investments involve risk including the loss of principal. Small- cap investing typically carries more risk than investing in well-established large cap companies since smaller companies generally have limited product lines and financial resources and a higher risk of failure. Historically, smaller companies’ stock has have experienced a greater degree of market volatility than the average stock. KRIM’s Small/Mid Value Strategy may not be suitable for everyone. Additional information regarding the services provided by KRIM is available in Form ADV Part 2. A list of composite descriptions and presentations are available upon request.

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