Our Process

In today’s information driven markets, equity prices normally reflect reasonable valuations based on the long term fundamentals of issuing companies. There are, however, often situations in which a security can be temporarily mispriced relative to the issuing company’s prospects for the future. Understanding a company’s long term fundamentals and prospects – and their influence on a security’s value today – is the key to successful fundamental value investing. At Palouse Capital, our seasoned team of investment professionals applies a fundamental value approach to every decision we make on behalf of our clients. We strive to understand the long term prospects of each company we analyze. If we believe that the current price of a security is materially lower than a reasonable fundamentally driven estimate of long term value, we consider the security for purchase. When we believe a current portfolio holding has reached our current estimate of value we consider the security for sale.


  • Small/Mid Value Strategy

    PCM’s Small/Mid Value (“SMV”) Strategy seeks long term capital appreciation using PCM’s fundamental value approach to security selection. The SMV Strategy is invested primarily in equities with market capitalizations in the $150 million to $5 billion range.

  • Diversified Income Strategy

    The Diversified Income (“DI”) Strategy’s objective is to provide income from diversified asset classes by opportunistically focusing on investments we believe offer relatively high income potential while attempting to avoid asset classes that we believe have relatively high risk.

  • All Cap Tilt Strategy

    PCM’s All Cap Tilt (“ACT”) Strategy uses a mix of large cap passive investment vehicles and actively managed small to mid-cap equities to achieve enhanced all-cap index performance.

  • Large Cap Value Strategy

    PCM’s Large Cap Value (“LCV”) Strategy seeks long term capital appreciation using PCM’s fundamental value approach. The LCV Strategy is invested primarily in equities in the $10 billion and higher market cap range.

About Our Name

The Palouse is a grain growing region in Washington and Idaho. The Palouse is known for its rolling grassy hills that are ideal for farming. Kenneth Roberts, our founder, grew up at his family’s homestead in the Palouse region. Like most farm kids, Mr. Roberts helped out with the family farm long after going away to college. The link between the Palouse and Ken is inextricable – and this is why we felt that the Palouse name was appropriate to carry on Ken’s legacy.

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