Ken Roberts Investment Management, Inc.’s Diversified Income Strategy Receives “PSN Top Guns” Recognition


Ken Roberts Investment Management, Inc.’s Diversified Income Strategy Receives “PSN Top Guns” Recognition

Spokane, Washington (May 17, 2013)-Ken Roberts Investment Management, Inc.’s Diversified Income strategy earned recognition as a top performer within their respective universe on “PSN Top Guns” list for quarter ending March 31, 2013. Investment strategies receiving “PSN Top Guns” honors reflect the top 10 performers in each of the 52 style universes within six star categories, indicating increasingly stringent screening levels based on longevity, risk and adherence to investment styles. PSN Top Guns List is a quarterly ranking of investment managers and is used by institutional asset managers and investors nationally.

The firm’s Diversified Income Strategy received the award for the quarter ending March 31, 2013 in both the one star (quarter)category and two star(one-year) categories among the respective peer group of those investment managers in the domestic balanced universe.

“We are pleased to receive PSN’s recognition of our efforts as this strategy is really geared to meeting the needs of retirees, high net worth individuals, foundations & endowments or other investors looking for better yields than what US Treasuries and CD’s, are currently offering in this low interest rate environment,” says Jeff Trudeau, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Trader. The strategy utilizes various asset classes such as dividend paying equities, preferred stocks, REITS, fixed income and other income producing securities. “Our Diversified Income strategy’s objective is to provide income from diversified market segments by opportunistically focusing on investments with higher income potential while at the same time attempting to avoid those asset classes that we believe have greater downside risk. Our current targeted yield is 3.75%- 4.00%.”

Please find attached a performance presentation for KRIM’s Diversified Income strategies.

Past performance and PSN rankings/awards are not indicative of, nor a guarantee of future results.

All investments involve risk including the loss of principal. This information is not intended to be used as the primary basis of investment decisions nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any specific investor. KRIM’s Diversified Income strategy utilizes a blend of various income producing securities that may include, but is not limited to U.S. government treasuries and agencies, corporate bonds, high yield bonds, convertible securities, preferred stocks, common stock with stable and growing dividends, specialty exchange traded funds, and real estate investment trusts. While KRIM’s Diversified Income strategy is classified by PSN in the US Balanced universe due to its ability to invest in fixed income securities, this strategy allows for flexibility to tactically allocate among asset classes in order to seek the bet relative value in the market environment. The income generated by the securities held in this strategy may decline; there is no guarantee that dividend-paying securities will continue to pay dividends. This strategy may include investments in lower quality, higher yielding fixed income securities which may be subject to greater price fluctuation than higher quality

fixed income securities. The ratings assigned to KRIM’s strategies may not be representative of any individual client’s experience because the ratings are based on the average of all the clients invested in each strategy. Additional information regarding the services provided by KRIM is available in Form ADV Part 2A. A list of composite descriptions and presentations are available upon request.

PSN is an investment manager database and a division of Informa Investment Solutions. The PSN universes were created using information collected from over 2000 firms through PSN investment manager questionnaires (of which KRIM participates) and uses only gross of fees returns. The use of net of fees returns may have changed the rankings. KRIM does not pay to participate in the database. PSN information is intended for use by qualified investment professionals. A six star rating is the highest possible rating. 1-star category: uses gross of fees returns and is based on quarterly returns. 2-star category: uses gross of fees returns and is based on returns for a one year period. For more information go to

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